• Junior Achievement

    What is Junior Achievement?
    Junior Achievement (JA) provides lessons that are interactive, hands-on and educational.  All JA programs correlate to the Arizona Academic Standards in the areas of social studies, language arts, math, and workplace skills.  These correlations assure the JA programs support learning objectives at each grade level. 

    What is a TDS partnership?

    The Teacher Driven Strategy (TDS) is a partnership between faculty and volunteers that allows a school to implement site-based JA programs.  A School Coordinator manages the JA volunteer-led classroom programs. The volunteers, recruited by teachers/staff, are responsible for delivering the JA program to the students. 


    How does the school ensure a successful JA program?

    The goal is for all students to receive JA each year!  The School Coordinator is trained by JA staff on program implementation standards.  All volunteers and teachers are trained by the School Coordinator on how to effectively facilitate the JA programs.  JA provides all necessary classroom materials, including hands-on and easy-to-follow activities for volunteers.  JA maintains communication and provides the School Coordinator with support throughout the school year to ensure that the program adheres to JA implementation standards.


    When does this program occur?

    JA volunteers deliver JA programs during the school day at a time convenient for both the volunteer and classroom teacher.  The volunteer is required to teach all the JA lessons to the students; approximately five

    to six classroom visits of 40 to 55 minutes per visit.



    ·      JA programs correlate to Arizona Academic Standards, helping teachers meet their objectives at each grade level 

    ·      Students who receive JA are more likely to graduate from high school (93%) and obtain a Bachelor’s degree or higher (69%) 

    ·      Independent research shows that JA students outperform other non-JA students on objective-referenced tests and have a more positive self-concept and higher self-esteem

    ·      JA provides parents with a meaningful opportunity to positively impact a classroom of students

    ·      JA volunteers act as role models who inspire students to realize the importance of education by sharing their real-world experiences

    ·      JA brings community volunteers into the classroom providing JA schools partnership opportunities with local businesses



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