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Position: Kindergarten
Room: 9
Phone: (480) 812-6239
Email: Tompkins

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Welcome to Kindergarten! This year we will be so busy growing a love for learning, playing, making new friends, doing new things, and making memories together.

My Education and Professional Background

I graduated from Northern Illinois University with an Elementary Education degree and a minor in Literature. I taught for a year in Illinois, then made the amazing move to Phoenix about 8 years ago. I taught first grade for 3 years, then made the switch to Kindergarten! This will be my fifth year teaching the Kindies, and my 9th year teaching overall.

My Educational Philosophy

I believe in creating an environment in which students feel comfortable to be themselves, make mistakes, and grow together. I strive to be an understanding facilitator of learning for my students so they can reach their highest potential! To achieve this, I make sure their individual needs are supported and met so that they are able to learn and grow successfully in my classroom.

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