Equity and Inclusion at Conley - September 2019

  • Lets talk about Equity and Inclusion! Conley Elementary School PTO Presdent, Nicole McCabe, brings in her geckos to meet with K-3 students about accepting others differences. Here at Conley we pride ourselves on our diverse culture of learners, and this includes our students with special needs. Nicole has three beautiful geckos, one of which is disabled -- with its hands and feet turned in the oposite direction. Nicole has a community circle with the students to discuss the differences and similarities between all three geckos and how the disabled gecko, although different, can do all the things the other geckos can, just in a different way. She then relates this idea to students on campus who may look and act different than others. She plans to do the same for our 4th - 6th grade students. We are a caring and welcoming community that includes and learns from all! Way to go, Nicole, and way to go Conley!