• Welcome to the Bogle Paws and Breathe Room


    The Bogle Paws Room will be utilized to help students develop mindfulness habits in order to promote self-regulation and awareness and the use of positive coping strategies. Through guided meditation and practice of positive coping strategies, students will have a specified, semi-private location to pause, breathe, and regroup before returning to the classroom environment during times of stress, anxiety and dysregulation.


    Rules of the BJHS Paws Room:

    1. No Food or Drink- Water is okay

    2. No Cell phone use- Must remain on silent in backpack at back of room

    3. No Talking unless participating in an activity or processing an event with a staff member.

    4. Students are required to sign in and complete an exit survey prior to leaving

    Student Lunch Sessions

    - Student lunch sessions occur on Monday, Wednesday and Friday during each lunch period.

    - Lunch sessions will occur the last 20 minutes of each lunch period- Students must be on time in order to protect the quiet environment once the session is progress.

    - Students should eat lunch and then report to Paws Room 

    - Activities may include guided relaxation, breathing and grounding activities, instruction and practice of self-care/coping strategies, and/or individual quiet time. 

    - 8 spots are available for students per day per lunch period

    - Students can only sign up for 1 session per week However, If they check back on the link the morning of the session and there are spaces still open, students may sign up for an additional session.

    Lunch Session Student Sign Up- Students will be required to sign up using their GSE accounts

    Monday August 16

    Tuesday August 17

    Wednesday  August 18

    Thursday August 19

    Friday August 20