• Counselor’s Advice

    Being the new student is not easy. Walking in to a new school can feel like everyone already has friends, knows everyone and knows what to do. This is partly true. But you need to remember that this didn’t happen overnight. It takes time to meet people, understand the school environment, and feel comfortable. Here is some advice from your counselors at Bogle:

    Be Brave – take a risk and smile at people, say “hello” and introduce yourself.

    Be Confident in Who You Are – There are tons of different types of kids on campus, you will find your people, but this can take some time and that’s okay.

    Get Involved – Sometimes it’s hard to get to know others in the classroom. Joining a club or sports team of interest helps you to get to know other people who have similar interests.

    Lunch Time – This can be the scariest time when you are a new student. Remember that all the students in your core classes (Math, ELA, Science and Social Studies), all have the same lunch period as you. So if you meet someone that you connect with in one of these classes – be brave and ask them if you can meet them at lunch and eat with them. (Guess what- they almost always say “Yes!”) Remember that adjusting to a new school takes time. You may not see these things happen overnight so remember to give yourself a break.

    If you are having a rough time or have questions and need to talk…come see us!! That’s what we are here for and we want to help make sure you are comfortable, happy and successful at Bogle.

    Counselors Drop-In Hours:

    * From 8:15 – 9:00

    * Every day during all three lunches

    * By appointment (Just drop a note saying you need to see us).


    Bogle Junior High Counselors

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