1. Check their agenda daily- Your student is required to write down homework assignments in their agenda DAILY, no exceptions.  Ask to see what they have written down.  Check for black lines or circled “H’s”, these indicate they didn’t turn in their assignment.


    1. Ask them to see their COMPLETED assignment- Most students will tell their parents “I finished it already”. Make them show you and look for any corrections to be made. Have your student review their class notes daily; this will help them retain what they learned


    1. Have a set afternoon schedule- Students need a set place and time to complete their homework, with your supervision (NO TV!)


    1. AR Reading- Your child MUST read 25 minutes per night and take a quiz at the end of the book to earn points.  This helps them to reach their goal and strengthens their reading skills.  Ask them questions about what they are reading.  Help them find books that are interesting to them.  https://www.cusd80.com/Page/5817  


    1. Check their grades online weekly- You should know how they are doing before progress reports come out.  Students who check their grades regularly often do better than students who do not check their grades. Infinite Campus Login


    1. Teach your child how to email or call their teacher- Encourage them to email with any concerns or questions they have. DON’T WAIT!  In preparation for high school, students need to be able to advocate for themselves and ask for assistance or clarification.  This is a requirement at most high schools. BJHS Staff Directory


    1. Tutoring- Every teacher on campus hosts a day of tutoring each week.  If your child is struggling in a core area, require them to stay for extra help on the teacher’s assigned tutoring day. 


    1. Quality assignments- Have your child double check their answers and edit their writing assignments. This will help them to take pride in their work and build confidence in knowing that they have the right answer.  This will also tell you whether they really understand or not.  Encourage them to type assignments using the spell and grammar check functions, as this is also a high school requirement.


    1. Organization- Help your child come up with a system and check it weekly; color code, high light, homework folder, binder, dividers, etc.  Save them from the “Black Hole Back Pack”!


    1. Peer Help- Encourage your child to find a classmate that they can call or text if they do not understand an assignment or forgot to write down their assignment. Students may also Google tutorials on the internet for an explanation of things they are having a difficult time understanding. Many teachers also post daily assignments and notes on their school websites.