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    Sponsored by: Ms. Garrett 

    The Bashas' store at Conley is an amazing club for third and fourth grade participants! Students are involved in using and applying life skills and academic skills in a fun, interactive environment. The store is employed by third and fourth grade clerks who have been selected through a hiring process, including submitting an application and interviewing with the Bashas' Sponsor. The interview questions focus on demonstrating an ability to add money, make change, and their overall willingness to lend an honest, helping hand to their peers. These students are then trained on the cash register, and are involved in the pricing and placement of items in the Bashas' store.

    Student employees are provided with a shift schedule so they are responsible for remembering when they work. If they do not show up for their shift, they do not get paid . . . sound familiar? Meetings are held once or twice monthly to go over questions and/or concerns that may arise during shifts. This is also a time for Managers to make announcements concerning the appearance of the store, the overall customer satisfaction, and discuss shift attendance. Bashas' Clerks are paid for each shift they work as well as each meeting they attend, which I am sure you can imagine, is very exciting!

    Bashas' is a great place to work at Conley!

    Basha's Work Schedule

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Last Modified on January 19, 2015