• Troop Customs
    Randolph Girl Scout troops fold the flag during a ceremony outside Gaylor Airman Leadership School March 10.

    Perfect Attendance
    If a trooper completes all their assigned duties during a month, morning and afternoon, they'll receive a treat of the month. All troopers must sign in when they come in for duty, morning and afternoon, so I know if they completed their shifts. When you fill out the trooper registration, please make sure and specify if your student has any dietary restrictions.

    Troop Shirts
    Our club has a $5 fee that we use towards the purchase our troop shirts. Shirt designs are different every year.
    Shirt Model
    Creative Concepts International

    Find the Flag
    This is a game we play throughout the year. I'll hide a flag somehwere on campus and give the students clues about its hiding place. If they find it, they get a prize! We do other activities during the school year to try and keep the troop fun and hopefully educational.

    Passing Out Ceremony
    In some militaries, Passing Out is a graduation ceremony following the completion of a school and there are many traditions that various units practice with this event. When I was in the service, I always liked the honors, customs and heraldry, and I wanted to bring some of that pomp to the troop. So to celebrate a successful duty year, we give out awards, take pictures and enjoy troop cake and ice cream! Honore nos ministrare!

    Troop Cake
    R. Calahate

    Giant flag
    IMAGE: Randolph Girl Scout Troop. White, Steve. U.S. Air Force. Joint Base San Antonio.

    IMAGE: A Giant Flag. Airman 1st Class Andrew Crawford. 5th Bomb Wing PAO. Minot AFB. 16 NOV 2012.