• Cartridges for Kids - Printer Cartridge and Electronics Reycling

    Hancock is collecting printer cartridges and personal electronic devices for recycling! The Hancock Media Center has joined Cartridges for Kids, a program that donates to our school in return for recycling these items.

    This is a year-round program at Hancock and we will accept these items at any time!

    It's easy! Just bring in your used empty printer cartridges or other used electronics to the recycle box in the front office at Hancock or to Ms. Gray in the Media Center.

    Items that can be recycled:
    Please include accessories, power cords, and cases if you have them.
    Please ONLY include the items above. We DO NOT recycle printers,
    monitors, desktop computers, keyboards, CD's, DVD-R's, DVD players,
    CD players, basic calculators, batteries, or any other electronic device or accessories.
    Every year, 300 million printer cartridges end up in landfills worldwide and it takes almost 3.5 quarts of oil to produce just one laser cartridge! This is a wonderful program that keeps these items from destroying our environment and provides funding for our Media Center to purchase instruments, music, and equipment.

    Business Sponsors

    In addition, we are looking for business sponsors for the Cartridges for Kids program. If a business donates the above items to recycle, we will include the business name in our newsletters and on our web site as a donor to the program. Items can be dropped off at Hancock or you can ship for free directly from your business. Also, your donation may be tax-deductible! Contact Ms. Gray for more information if you or your employer is interested.

    Some Facts about Electronics and the Environment:

    • The average North American gets a new cellphone every 18 to 24 months
    • Old cell phones are the fastest-growing type of manufactured garbage in the nation.
    • Old cell phones contain many hazardous materials including lead, mercury, cadmium, brominated flame retardants and arsenic
    • According to the U.S. EPA, Americans discard 125 million phones each year, creating 65,000 tons of waste