• Hancock has also teamed up with WestechRecyclers, Inc. to provide, for business sponsors, bulk recycling ofalmost any type of electronic item (see the list below). WestechRecyclers, Inc. will provide free pick-ups valley wide for your bulk electronic trash to recycle. All you have to do is let them know that you are a business sponsor for Hancock and that your donation is on behalf of Hancock Elementary School. Westech will then donate $0.02 per pound to Hancock student clubs! Contact Ms. Gray if you or your employer is interested in participating!

    Items that are accepted by Westech Recyclers, Inc.

    (This is bulk electronic reycling for business only. Please do not bring these items to school.)

    • computers
    • servers
    • main frames
    • printers
    • networking equipment
    • modems
    • routers
    • switches
    • hubs
    • mainframes
    • monitors
    • power supplies
    • hard drives
    • communication equipment
    • circuit boards
    • telecom equipment
    • telephones
    • phone switches
    • phone systems
    • fax machines
    • copiers
    • surplus wire
    • cable
    • scrap metals
    Avoid televisions and dumb terminals.

    This is a year-round program. Businesses can donate items to recycle at any time.