Media Center Policies:


    Mrs. Heistuman and Mrs. Goodrich are happy to assist all of our student patrons with a generous open library visitation schedule, as well as a structured calendar visitation schedule.


    Check-out Policy:


    The check-out policy for Kindergarten and first grade students is one book per patron per visit, with a two week loan period.  Students may return to the library during the two week period to return and check out a new book, as desired, during open library times.


    2nd grade through 6th grade patrons may check out two books for a two week period, and may return as many times as desired during open library times. When doing a special project, students may be allowed an additional book.  


    Our library supports CUSD's curriculum, and as such, we strive to acquire and maintain excellent literature choices, as well as thought-provoking non-fiction, inspiring biography, and delightful picture books.  We ask that all materials checked out from the library are treated with care and returned to the library within a sensible time frame and in good condition.

    Damaged & Lost Books:


    When a student checks out a book, it is his/her responsibility to return the book in good condition.


    A book will be declared lost after it is missing for sixty days.  The cost of a damaged item will be evaluated and assessed at the time the item is returned.  If you have any questions regarding this policy please contact Mrs. Heistuman at heistuman.laura@cusd80.com.  


    In addition to our library materials, students in grades 3-6 are assigned grade-level textbooks for use throughout the school year.  As the textbooks are shared materials, it is important that students exercise care in the use of them. 


    We welcome your visit!


    Mrs. Heistuman


    Mrs.  Goodrich