• BJHS Elective Registration Forms

    Course Registration:

    Core class (math, language arts, science, social studies) placement will be determined by AZ Merit scores and/or Program Participation (IEP/Special Education, ELL, GRIT, AVID,  Mandarin DLI Program). Students are able to make requests for Elective courses.  Placement in these courses is not guaranteed due to incompatible schedules (courses only being offered at certain times) and volume of requests and availability for certain courses.  Students are encouraged to request up to 5 elective choices. BJHS Counselors will make every attemppt possible to ensure that students receive at least one of their top choices. 



    2021-2022 BJHS 7th Grade Elective and WIN Registration Forms


    2021-2022 BJHS 8th Grade Elective and WIN Registration Forms



    Should you have any questions, please contact Torre Valentine (2021-2022 7th Grade Counselor)  Stacy Pillar (2021-2022 8th grade counselor) or Kari Mochel (2021-2022 Special Programs counselor)