• Specialty Elective Descriptions and Applications


    Thank you for your interest in a specialty elective.  Below is a brief description of each specialty elective and a link to complete the application.  Please note that students who are accepted into a specialty elective MUST maintain passing grades in ALL Core Classes.

    Applications will open on January 20, 2021
    FEBRUARY 12, 2021


    Yearbook/Publications: Students that participate in the Yearbook program work together with other students in various teams to design and create the school's yearbook.  This is a course that requires students to work with peers, meet strict deadlines, present in front of classes, be creative, shoot photos, use graphic design programs and write captions for the yearbook.  Students are required to complete some assignments outside of school hours. Students must have excellent time management and independent work skills. This course does require some after school time commitments throughout the year.  


    Media Crew:  Students that participate in Media Crew are responsible for working together with other students in various teams to create the video projects in a fun, creative, and informative way.  Students are required to be comfortable both behind and in front of the camera.  Students must be able to work with peers, meet strict deadlines, present in front of others, create skits to present important messages, and use video editing programs.  Students must have excellent time management and independent work skills. No prior experience is needed.  Students will learn to use the software and equipment in class.

    *** You must complete the online application AND send a 1 minute video showing your creativity to bjhsmediacrew@gmail.com by Friday, February 7, 2020.




    VEX Tournament Robotics:  Students with VEX Robotics experience will enter the year long Tournament Robotics Class.  Students that participate in Tournament Robotics Class will work in groups to design and program VEX robotics that will participate in various robotics competitions throughout the school year.  Students must be team players and exhibit good sportsmanship.  Students must exhibit excellent on-task behaviors and maintain active engagement during assigned tasks. This course will require some afterschool and weekend time commitments for competitions throughout the year.




    AVID:  AVID (Advancement Via Individual Determination), is a rigorous college readiness program that is for under-represented students who want to go to college, may be the first in their families to attend college, and are capable of performing in honors level courses with systematic support. Students must meet the program requirements to be enrolled.  AVID Video






    Student Aide Opportunities (8th Grade Students ONLY)



    Office Aide: Students that are selected to be office aides are trustworthy students that are interested in working in the front office to greet visitors, maintain accurate sign-in and sign-out logs for students and parents, ensure student safety by checking identification, deliver important messages to classrooms, and assist office staff in various projects and maintain strict confidentiality of sensitive information.  Students that are selected must be friendly and have excellent independent work skills and initiative to jump in and help where needed.  Office aides Student aides must be comfortable walking throughout the campus several times per period, entering classrooms to deliver messages to teachers, and greeting strangers at the front desk.


    Teacher or Library AideStudents that are selected as teacher aides and library aides are trustworthy students that are interested in helping teachers. Students are required to maintain strict confidentiality with sensitive personal information. Students must have excellent independent work skills and time management. Students must be willing to take the initiative to jump in and help where needed. Students may request specific teachers to be aides for, however, these placements cannot be guaranteed.

    ABLE Program Aide: Students that are selected as ABLE program aides will work with students in the special education ABLE program.  Activities might include assisting students in small group activities to learn basic academic skills (identifying letters or numbers, basic reading, writing skills, matching, etc.), assisting students navigate through campus to complete pre-job activities (delivering mail, filing, etc.) and assisting students to complete daily life skills (washing clothes or dishes, learning to vacuum, etc.)  Students who are ABLE aides are compassionate students who are interested in working with students with special needs and making friends for life.
    Adaptive PE Aide: Students that are selected as Adaptive PE aides would participate as a BUDDY in the Adapted PE for students with mild, moderate and severe disabilities.  Students will be paired with a special education student during the class and assist them to complete adapted PE activities.  Students can also take a Regular PE Class as 2nd elective.
    Peer Mentor: Students that are selected for this position will be peer mentors for other BJHS students in the Study Skills Class.  Peer Mentors will help the teacher and other students organize materials, prioritize assignments and assist with other skills as appropriate.