• Multiplication Fact Practice
    Knowing multiplication facts can make a huge difference in your child's understanding of math.  Students are expected to be able to know their facts quickly and easily.
    Students can practice these drills at home.  They tend to enjoy the thrill of racing the clock. Time how long it takes to complete each and then a few days later, do it again and see if they can beat their time.
    Students should be able to complete each of the sheets below (60 problems) within 2 minutes and have a 90% accuracy.  You can print these so that your student can practice as often as needed.
    This is a great way for students to get better at Math Facts and it will help them when doing their homework! 
                                                                                                                             2's Test         2x flashcards
    3's Test         3x flashcards
    4's test         4x flashcards
    5's Test         5x flashcards
    6's Test         6x flashcards
    7's Test         7x flashcards
    8's Test         8x flashcards
    9's Test         9x flashcards
    10's Test         10x flashcards
    11's Test         11x flashcards
    12's Test         12x flashcards
Last Modified on September 28, 2018