• Read a Classic Novel!  Challenging Complex Text

    -see the list link and criteria below. 
    Below is an attached list of classic novels for middle school students. This list is is only a suggested title list and does not include all possible classic novels. Here is a general criteria for determining whether a novel is considered "classic".
    • The plots of the Classic Novels are lengthy, having frequent linguistic twists
    • Intricacy of language is one of the distinctive features of Classic Novels
    • The credibility of Classic Novels lies in its authentic storylines; the plots reflect actual social situations of that time
    • The character portrayals are very idealistic, in which the virtuous are rewarded at the end and the evil-doers are duly punished
    • The storyline of Classic Novels are usually followed by a moral lesson towards the conclusion
    • Classical Novels generally deal with serious and dismal topics
    • Stark realism is what the Classical Novels depict; the harsh real-life situations expel all charms and parody from the plot
    • Authors of Classic Novels attack the prevailing traditions and social conditions of the times in their works

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Last Modified on November 19, 2018