• Accelerated Reader AT HOME is HERE!



    1) Use the website: AR Renaissance Learning

    2) Select: I’m a Student

    3) Log in using the parent log in (not student’s school username and password): Username: s+ID number ex. s123456 Password: s+ID number+! ex. s123456!

    4) Select the orange Accelerated Reader button. Put in the quiz number and begin. (students should recognize this).


    Accelerated Reader AT HOME Tips:

    1. Look up the test number of the book before logging in to test. Use ARbookfind.com and search for the test number.

    2. Review the book before you test because you can’t use the book as a reference.

    3. Record books on a log if you want to track your progress. (attached sample on printable version)

    4. At school, we only take the Reading Practice test for points. But, you can practice skills by also taking the Literacy Skills test and Vocabulary test if there is one available.


    Accelerated Reader AT HOME Expectations (same as school):

    1. Students should NOT receive help on quizzes at home.

    2. Students should NOT be allowed to use the book.

    3. Students should have a quiet, work environment to focus during the test.


    Printable copy of instructions for AR at home 


    Questions?- please email Mrs. Tollefson at tollefson.kristin@cusd80.com



    To find which books have an AR test please visit AR Book Finder 



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