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    Why Cite Sources:(from ProvoLibrary.com)

    When using ideas from another person or organization, you must properly "cite" them. This means to properly identify where you found the information you are using in your paper. Citing sources shows which ideas are yours and which are borrowed from others. Failing to cite sources results in plagarism, a form of cheating.

    When citing sources, you must cite both direct quotes and ideas paraphrased from others. Even if you do not use the author's exact words, if you used an idea from someone else, that must be cited.

    For example, if in 2009, Jane Doe wrote, "Thirty percent of students do not properly cite information," you would need to cite her both if you quoted her in your paper (Jane Doe said, "Thirty percent of students do not properly cite information") or if you summarized what she wrote (Nearly one-third of students do not use citations correctly).

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