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    Welcome To Our Library!



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    Library Hours:
    Mon-Fri. from 7:45-2:40. We are not open after school. Parents, if class is in session, please leave all messages, and materials at the front office.

    New Library Procedures:

    Library grades will no longer be restricted to appearing at the end of each semester. Instead, teachers will incorporate all library scores into their Language Arts grade as they are earned.
    Any student having a book that is overdue by at least two weeks may be asked to serve detention for all of part of recess until the book is either returned or paid for.
    Students in 1-6 grade may check out three books, however, any child with a book that is overdue for 30 calendar days or more will be restricted to ONE book for the remainder of that semester.  Books that are overdue for more than 30 days will automatically be considered lost and a lost book fee will appear in the child's Infinite Campus fees.   The InTouch system will take the payments for these lost books.

    There's An App For That!



    Destiny Quest is a free app that allows your child convenient access to our library. Your child may enter the app as a guest and just use the library's catalog or your child may log in using their school username and password to then have access to his/her library account and history.  The app asks for the library's URL of  https://cusd80.follettdestiny.com/common/servlet/presenthomeform.do?l2m=Home&tm=Home&l2m=Home, which parents will need type in to set up an account.

          Does Your Child Avoid Reading?

    Making reading more approachable for a reluctant reader isn't easy. Simply selecting books that chop sentences into pieces and include monosyllabic vocabulary is not effective. Instead, the best materials for struggling readers should include: A compelling storyline and credible characters. Topics and issues with which readers can make personal or emotional connections. Attention to the spacing of each line with little to no hyphens. Clear introductions with vocabulary presented in such a way as to be sure its meaning is clear. Straightforward plots that avoid flashbacks, time shifts and confusing changes in point of view. Simple sentence structures in which the subject and predicate are physically close to each other and semi-colons are avoided.


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