• About Hancock Elementary

    "Blazing A Path to the Future"

    Our Mission and Vision

    Hancock Elementary's mission is to provide students with the knowledge, skills, and attitudes necessary to be lifelong learners and responsible citizens. Our vision is to provide a safe, disciplined, and productive environment where students and staff are meaningfully engaged in learning. Our culturally diverse population is viewed as a strength; and a spirit of equity, cooperation and respect permeates our school community. Our curriculum design and instructional practices enhance our ability to connect academic learning to real world problem solving.

    History of Hancock Elementary School

    T. Dale Hancock Elementary opened our doors for the first time in July of 2004. We are located in Arden Park, just south of Germann Road and west of Arizona Avenue in Chandler, Arizona. T. Dale Hancock Elementary School was officially named after Dale Hancock on January 8, 2003. 
    Superintendent Dr. Camille Casteel presented and signed this resolution:
    Mr. Hancock has a unique background in that he has served as a teacher, administrator and Governing Board member for Chandler Unified. In all, he served CUSD for 36 years prior to retiring in 1997 and additional five years since then working on special assignments. During his tenure as coach, teacher, principal and assistant superintendent, several CUSD programs were recognized by the U.S. Department of Education, President Ronald Reagan and the Arizona Department of Education for excellence.  Mr. Hancock provided assistance, guidance and direction for students in a multitude of ways.  First and foremost, he was a friend to students often providing them with the inspiration to make positive, life-impacting decisions. His legacy of gentle toughness will always be appreciated by Chandler Schools. CUSD is grateful for the many lives he touched and would like to recognize his many contributions by naming our new elementary school to be located in the Arden Park community of south Chandler in honor of T. Dale Hancock.
    Hancock Elementary School Song

    Listen to the school song - Performed by the IU Marching Hundred in 1994
    Listen to the school song - Performed by the 2004 - 2005 Hancock Choir

    We're Hancock Heat
    We cannot be beat
    We blaze with fire
    All hot with pride
    With our colors
    Bright red and yellow
    Our school is the
    Greatest of all
    GO HEAT!

    Our School song was written by members of the 5th Grade General Music class in fall of 2004.

    The 6th grade students also composed a different version:

    We are the Heat
    You cannot compete
    Our scorching pride
    Makes us all strive
    To be burning
    For greater learning
    We try our hardest
    To achieve

    Listen to this version