• 2013 - 2014 Artist in Residence Program 

    Stella Pope Duarte Hancock Elementary is proud to announce that we have received a grant from the Arizona Commission on the Arts for our Artist in Residence Program this year! Our artist this year is Stella Pope Duarte, an accomplished author and expert creative writing instructor. She is also a university professor and teaches English and creative writing for colleges, universities, and community centers working with students of all ages. She is a highly sought-after inspirational speaker, and a favorite keynote speaker for audiences of all ages. You can learn more about our artist at http://www.stellapopeduarte.com.
    Ms. Duarte will be working with the entire school with a focus on the 3rd Grade! The residency begins on Monday, April 21 and continues until Thursday, May 15. The residency will conclude with a final event featuring an all-campus Art Masterpeice Art Walk and Creative Writing Classroom Performances by the 3rd Grade. Watch for more information in May and Contact Mr. Landon with any questions!

    2012-2013 Artist in Residence Program

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    Hancock Elementary is proud to announce that we have received an Artist in Residence Grant from the Arizona Commission on the Arts again for our annual Artist in Residence Program. Our artist this year is Trish Hawkins. Mrs. Hawkins is a former public school art teacher and is an expert in clay and ceramic art. She worked with the entire school with a focus on the 3rd Grade. Students first learned to shape and form their own clay creations using professional clay-sculpting tools. The second phase of the project involved painting the projects and adding finishing touches. Students learned proper sculpting and painting by incorporating professional artistic techniques.

    Mrs. Hawkins and Hancock students presented a Ceramic Art Walk on Thursday, May 16, between 5:00 and 7:00 PM in the Hancock MPR. This event showcased our students by class as they shared their ceramic sculptures and art work from Art Masterpiece lessons throughout the year. It was an amazing success and the art work was awesome. Check out the photos below from the night:

    A HUGE "Thank You" goes to the following people / groups:
    • Mr. Jesus and Mr. Danny - They spent much of their time going above and beyond to clean the stage, move tables, and work around this program and they did it all with a smile. Thanks a million!
    • Miss Gray, Grace Gray, and Mrs. Gee - Thanks for taking the time after school on Thursday to help set up for the event. We finished just in time and they made it possible. What a great team!
    • Bob "The Band Guy" Crump - Thank you for "coexisting" with our artist and being so supportive and understanding as we invaded your classroom with tables, clay, clay powder, paint, sculpting tools, paint brushes, paper towels, butcher paper with paint all over it... the list goes on! Your patience was greatly appreciated!
    • All teachers and staff - Thanks for adjusting your schedules and making time to provide our students with this amazing experience! Thanks to the office staff for supporting our schedule and helping to process the paperwork. This keeps the program moving and we appreciate it! Also a special thanks to the AIR Committee for writing the grant and helping with organization.
    • Mrs. Hawkins and Mr. Greg - Not only was Mrs. Hawkins an amazing instructor and art expert, but she moved all the clay projects to her house, fired them in her kilns, and transported them back for students to paint. Mrs. Hawkins and her friend Gregg worked for hours at home loading and unloading over 1000 projects out of and into cars and kilns. Thank you!
    • Mrs. Hull - For her consistant and powerful support of the arts here at Hancock. Programs like this would not be possible without active support for our administration.
    • Tax Credit Donations - This program is funded through a matching grant from the Arizona Commission on the Arts. The "match" comes from tax credit donations. Without this funding, this program would not be possible. Thank you for your donation and please consider another donation next school year.
    • The Arizona Commission on the Arts: See below... This organization supports programs like this and is funded through the state budget. Please be aware of decisions your state representatives make that impacts funding for this organization. Without the grant from this commission, this program would not be possible.

    About the Artist In Residence Program

    The Artist In Residence Program is designed to immerse the entire school and community into the culture of a specific nationality or style. A local artist is chosen the previous year during the grant-writing process. The residency itself includes an introductory performance for the school by our artist. Then, our artist visits the school every day for four weeks presenting sessions to each class in the school. Usually, a core grade is chosen as a "focus" grade and receives more sessions. During the sessions students usually learn about the artist and their culture as well as authentic music, dance and songs related to the culture. In addition, students usually create art work that is displayed at the end if the residency. Finally, there is a culminating performance for the public by our artist that includes the core grade level.

    Residency Goals: 
    1.  Students at Hancock (especially the core grade) will experience an immersion in a culture or art form through a series of sessions with an artist in residence. Students will be able to demonstrate a strong understanding of a new visual or performing art style and/or culture through the presentation of art work and/or musical performances in a final event. 
    2. Students will express awareness and appreciation for a visual or performing art and develop a desire to continue to explore the world of art as a result of this program.
    3. Teachers, parents, and community members will participate in aspects of the program and actively support multicultural awareness and art education. 
    The Artist In Residence Program is made possible by a grant from the to our school and our very own PTO. Arizona Commission on the Arts (with funding from the National Endowment for the Arts) as well as funding the Extra-Curricular Tax-Credit donations

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    Parents and community members are welcome to join the planning committee to offer input and their help with this exciting program. If you have any questions, suggestions or just a simple comment, feel free to contact Mr. Landon at 480-883-5913 or check Landon Land for more information and updates. Thanks for your support!