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    Bruce MarionHancock was, once again, awarded a grant by the Arizona Commission on the Arts to continue our popular Artist in Residence Program in the Spring of 2011. Bruce Marion, an accomplished artist and close friend of the Hancock community was our artist. The program began on Monday, May 2nd, 2011 and continued throughout the month of May until the final event on Thursday, May 26. Mr. Marion and his wife, Lee, taught separate workshops and lessons to each class in every grade at Hancock with a focus on the third grade. Mr. Marion worked with Mr. Landon (Hancock Music Teacher) to guide students in the creation of four large-scale abstract paintings based on various pieces of music. Finally, students presented these paintings to the public as well as displayed visual art created by all students at Hancock at the final event.There were three main events this evening:

    • Abstract Painting Presentation – All Hancock students have been working with our Artist in Residence, Bruce Marion, and Hancock's Music Teacher, Curt Landon to create four large abstract paintings based on four musical selections. These paintings will be permanently displayed in each of the four main hallways of the school and will be presented to public shortly after 5:00 on Thursday, May 26.

    The paintings and the music that inspired them is listed below. Click on the painting to hear the music!

    "Circlesong" was based on the music of Bobby McFerrin. Circlesong 7 was one of several songs released as part of the CD, Circlesongs and was performed by Bobby McFerrin and his vocal ensemble, Voicestra. The art work was created by Mrs. Snow's 3rd Grade Class in May 2011.

    "Firebird" is based on the ballet, "The Firebird" composed by Igor Stravinsky. The music is from the part of the ballet called "Infernal Dance of Kastchel". This recording is performed by the BBC Symphony Orchestra with Pierre Boulez conducting The art work was created by Mrs. Sheridan's 3rd Grade Class in May 2011.

    "Mars" is inspired by the computer music, "Orbital View" from the "Mars Suite" composed and performed by Michael McNabb. The art work was created by Mrs. Martin's 3rd Grade class in May 2011.

    "Whirlwind" was inspired by the piece of music, "Whirlwind" composed by Joe Green. The recording we listened to was performed on the xylophone by Evelyn Glennie, accompanied by the Black Dyke Band. The art work was created by Mrs. Bovard's 3rd Grade class in May 2011.

    These paintings are currently on display in the main hallways and in the office at Hancock!

    • Art Walk – Parents, students and community are invited to walk the halls of Hancock to view art work created by students during their Art Masterpiece lessons throughout the year!

    • Art Fair - All Hancock students from pre-school through through 6th grade have been working on individual art projects in their classrooms. Parents that send in an RSVP will be able to view their child's art work on display in high-quality frames in the Multipurpose Room. This part of the program is made possible by Kids Art Fairs. Parents may choose to purchase a frame for $29.95 plus tax. $6 from each frame sold will be donated to Hancock Elementary School Music and Artist in Residence Program.