• Attendance
    School begins at 8:35AM and students are considered tardy after 8:40AM.
    It is very important for your child to be at school on time every day in order to be successful. If possible, please try to schedule appointments after school hours or during our breaks.
    If your child does need to miss school, he/she will be expected to make up the work missed during the absence. Students will have the same amount of days they were absent to make up all of the missed work in order to receive full credit. Your child will be expected to make up any missed quizzes or tests on the day he/she returns.
    Telephone Calls
    phoneStudents will only be allowed to call home for emergencies. Students will not be allowed to call home for homework, projects or instruments that were forgotten, or to arrange play dates with friends.
    Homework is a vital part of your child’s academic success. It reinforces objectives taught in class, teaches responsibility, helps develop good study habits, and may help identify potential challenges. Working together we can ensure academic success for all students. Our district guidelines suggest that 5th graders should spend a minimum of 2 hours with a maximum of 3 hours and 20 minutes of homework per week.  Your child will be responsible for recording daily homework assignments in his/her agenda, doing the best job possible, being neat, and turning in assignments on time. Students will have nightly math homework and in addition are expected to read at least 20 minutes each night. As a part of this assignment, a Reading Log is to be completed nightly and turned in at the end of each week. I encourage you to ask your child regularly about the book he/she is reading. Students may also have spelling and/or grammar homework as well. 


    agendaEvery student will be given an agenda to record homework and daily reminders. Parents are asked to look over this daily. The agenda is also a great way for us to communicate minor items that require each others attention.
    Grading Procedure
    Students earn their grades and are responsible for doing their best. Percentage grades (100-90, 89-80, 79-70, 69-60, 59 and below) will be given in math and math facts, reading and phonograms, writing, spelling, grammar, handwriting, science, and social studies. Students will also receive indicators (Excellent, Satisfactory, Improving or Needs Improvement) in an area on progress reports and report cards called Behaviors That Promote Learning. They will receive a percentage grade for homework completion which will also be found in this area. 
    Quarterly Awards
    Students can earn awards based on their grades each quarter.
    Principal's List is the highest honor reserved for students who have earned all A's on their report card with no N's as indicators.
    Honor Roll is reserved for students who received all A's or B's on their report card with no N's as indicators.
    Tests, Quizzes, Projects
    testSpelling Test - Fridays
    Phonograms Test - Fridays
    Reading Test - Fridays
    Math Test - At the end of every chapter
    Students will be notified in advance of other tests or quizzes
    Character Education
    In order to be proactive, Patterson has adopted Character Counts. It is a program that teaches children about the importance of their character, whether they are around other people or not. My goal for using the program is to not only be proactive, but to instill in each student a sense of personal accountability for their words and actions. Character education is the first step in my classroom discipline plan.

    Classroom Management 

    Responsibility and accountability are key concepts students must face in order to be successful. In our classroom, the management policy is built around the student's “job”. I believe that each student has three main duties: to consistently attend class, to complete assignments in a timely manner, and to thoroughly perform his/her classroom duty each day. As in the real world, students will receive payment, (Moolah), for doing their job. Should a situation arise where a child does not complete one of his/her duties as a student, he/she will have to “pay up”. For behavior issues, students will be verbally warned once. Should the behavior be repeated, the student may have to pay a variable amount depending on the offense. He/she may also lose a letter on their PRIDE card. For each missing letter, the student will lose five minutes of their extra Friday recess.  At the end of each quarter, we will have an auction where students use their Moolah to purchase rewards of their choice. The students will keep track of their balance. This method of classroom management ingrains a sense of responsibility as well as accountability for the working student.

    Communication (Teacher to parent and parent to teacher)
    Email is a great way for us to communicate on a daily basis. If you have a quick question or comment, please feel free to email me and I will get back to you within 24 hours. You can also expect a newsletter to come home each Thursday. This will contain what the class is currently working on, as well as important upcoming events and reminders.