Equity and Inclusion

Educational Equity

  • Equity is a long-standing core value of the Chandler Unified School District. Equity in education is not, however, unique to CUSD nor is it a recent change. A fair and inclusive system that makes the advantages of education available to all is one of the most powerful levers to preserve our liberty and democracy.

    The best way to understand equity in education is to understand what it is, as well as what it is not.

Equity is not...

    • A program, curriculum, or educational buzzword.
    • A social or political platform or belief system.
    • Limited to one sub group.
    • Lowering standards or giving students credit for achievement they do not deserve.
    • Creating winners and losers or taking from the "haves" and giving to the "have nots."
    • Quotas or compliance measures or affirmative action.
    • Equal outcomes.

Equity is...

    • Preparing all students for success in a global society.
    • Providing opportunities for students see themselves in the teachers, staff and adults on campus.
    • Acknowledging that structures and systems exist which may deprive students of equitable educational opportunities.
    • Having the courage to shine the light on student data and set specific goals to eradicate barriers and close the gaps.
    • Remembering daily that we are teaching students as well as curriculum.
    • Allocating resources, supports and interventions based upon students’ needs.
    • Making an intentional effort to reduce unconscious bias and increase knowledge in order to establish authentic relationships with students, families and each other.
    • Providing curriculum from multiple perspectives so that students can connect their learning to their own experiences.
    • Providing equitable opportunities for all students.

Equity and Inclusion