• Six Trait Writing: Past, Present and Future


    How can teachers effectively implement writing instruction as a part of balanced

    literacy approach? This class is a hands-on opportunity to participate both as a writer

    and a teacher of writing.

    In this class, we will answer the questions: What is quality writing?

    How do the six traits fit into the language of writing and revision?, How do we

    evaluate student writing? How can we motivate our students to revise and edit?

    We will also look at reading text through the eyes of the writer to deepen reading

    comprehension and enjoyment of fiction and nonfiction for our students. Literature

    resources to teach the six traits will be shared with ideas for linking to instruction.

    Tools for integrating technology into instruction and internet resources will be

    explored to support interactive writing. The common core standards for Language

    Arts will be reviewed as we bridge current and future writing instruction.

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