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    STEM Visions 2021 Google Submission Form

     If there are issues with the Form, please email Brian Pomerantz at pomerantz.brian@cusd80.com

    Students should submit work using the gse accounts.

    Before submitting work, check the format of your work with these guidelines:  

    The submission should be a document file (.docx or .doc).

    The file name should contain the student's name following this convention: "lastname.firstname.STEMVisions2020.docx"

    Submissions to the CUSD Science Journal should follow the IMRAD format.  What is IMRAD?  Don't worry, we'll show you, keep scrolling.   

    The submission should be in Times New Roman 12 font.  Double spaced.

    The Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association (APA) 6th edition should be followed with respect to the handling of headings/subheadings, references, abbreviations, citations, and symbols.

    Please embed figures and tables within the main text.

    Label and caption all figures and tables (captions are placed above tables and beneath figures), and provide source citation for each, just beneath them in the text.

    The submission should be in third person point of view except for the Discussion section, which may be in the plural first-person point of view.

    IMRAD format

    IMRAD is an acronym.  It stands for






    Even though the Abstract comes fourth in the acronym, this section will come first in your formal submission. Each part of the IMRAD format is described below.


    Abstracts may vary in length, but should typically spend 25% of space on Introduction, 25% of space on Methods, 35% of space on Results, and 15% of space on Discussion. 

    Introduction (Make a case for your research)

    Provide your research question, explain its significance, review the background and/or known information on your topic (including gaps or problems in the field), and explain why our present research is timely and necessary. 

    Methods (What did you do?)

    Describe your methods for gathering information, and explain your sources of information, both primary and secondary.  This section is usually written in past tense and passive voice with plenty of headings and subheadings. 

    Results (What did you find?)

    Describe what you found from your research and develop each point thoroughly, as this is the main section of your research paper.  This is where the findings and outcomes of the research are placed. 

    Discussion (What does it mean?)

    Explain the significance of your finds through commentary.  Discuss how your findings support your thesis.  Provide explanations (if needed), compare to other research (if needed), and evaluate whether the findings support or contradict your hypothesis.  This is the section where you discuss limitations of your research, flaws in the current study, and suggestions for additional, future research.  State implications of your findings for future policy or practice. 

    For more information on IMRAD select this IMRAD link.


    Uploading the Document and Images

    These details will appear when the new submission portal is available.   

    Direct any queries regarding submission to the STEM Visions CUSD Science Journal to 

    Dr. Susan Rockwell at rockwell.susan@cusd80.com

    Rachna Nath at nath.rachna@cusd80.com

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