• CUSD Username Change

    For years in CUSD, the e-mail address we give out to people to contact us (lastname.firstname@cusd80.com) does not match the one that we need to log in to Microsoft services online, including Office 365 (IFAS#@cusd80.com). As we begin to shift more toward relying on Microsoft’s cloud services, best practices suggest that we unify these into a single address. Since a public e-mail address of smith.john@cusd80.com makes more sense than an e-mail address of 12345@cusd80.com, your public e-mail address will now be your username for Microsoft services. For most users, this means their username will follow the lastname.firstname@cusd80.com format, although some users who have common names may have middle initials or numbers added to their username. In a nutshell:

    Beginning June 5, you will no longer use your IFAS number to log in to your computer, Office 365, Schoolwires/Blackboard, Infinite Campus, Destiny, Renaissance Learning, ATI Galileo, SchoolCity, Business Plus, Employee Online, and Workforce.

    Your CUSD e-mail username (the part before the @ symbol in your e-mail address, which is lastname.firstname for most users) will be your username for the systems listed above.

    Why are we making this change?

    In the short term, this change should alleviate some confusion when logging on to Microsoft products … when you are asked to log on with your e-mail address, you will no longer have to remember if it’s asking for your “last name/first name” e-mail address or your “IFAS” e-mail address.

    In the long term, this change sets us on a path that can one day allow a “single sign on” solution where signing in to our Office 365 accounts will automatically sign users in to other systems like Infinite Campus, Blackboard, etc.

    What do I need to do before and after this change is made?

    Making such a big change will have some trickle down effects that individual users will need to address. This guide should show you how to prepare for this change before it is made, as well as what you can do after the change to continue to work effectively. You can view instructions (including videos) for each step individually using the menu to the left, or download all instructions in a printable format.