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Suicide Hotline: 1-800-273-TALK (8255)  
Teen Lifeline: (602) 248-TEEN (8336)  Call or Text
Safe Domestic Violence Services: (480)-890-3039 or text LOVEIS to 22522  
Chandler Police: (480) 782-4000  

CUSD Cares Podcasts

Counseling and Social Services Mission

  • The CUSD Counseling and Social Services department empowers students through a proactive and developmentally appropriate comprehensive counseling program that promotes well-being, academic achievement, and career and college readiness. 

Counseling and Social Services Vision

  • The vision of CUSD Counseling and Social Services Department is to help develop and sustain a caring school environment that promotes respect, reflection, problem solving, social responsibility, and healthy relationships. Our vision is to provide a proactive and responsive support program that ensures all students understand and embrace their own values through a positive mindset of belonging and connection with one another.

Parent Presentations

  • The link below is for our parent presentation on “The Emotional World of Teens.”

    A brief overview of what you can expect from the presentation: 

    Michael Klinkner, LCSW and Dr. Elizabeth Fedrick, LPC discuss the various aspects of the emotional world of teens. They explore the impact of brain development on a teen’s emotional functioning, as well as the influence of hormonal changes during this time. Michael and Elizabeth also discuss tangible ways that parents can effectively support a teen’s social-emotional health and well-being. They provide 6 essential take-aways that parents can start implementing immediately in order to support your teen’s emotional world. 

    The Emotional World of Teens

    Accompanying Notes

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