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Suicide Hotline: 1-800-273-TALK (8255)  
Teen Lifeline: (602) 248-TEEN (8336)  Call or Text
Safe Domestic Violence Services: (480)-890-3039 or text LOVEIS to 22522  
Chandler Police: (480) 782-4000  

Parent Presentations

  • See our recorded presentations below. (A big thank you to our speakers- the presentations were so well received we are trying to accommodate additional dates. Stay tuned)! 

    When to Reach Out for Help

    Presenter Megan Mimms (LMSW) from Copper Springs Mental Health Facility discusses understanding and supporting your child’s mental health and when to reach out for help. She will specifically touches on the three most common mental illnesses; ADHD, Anxiety and Depression.

    Please view the accompanying PowerPoint.

    Parenting Styles: How to Develop the Best Approach for Your Family

    Is your child struggling with their mental health? Are you struggling to help them? You are not alone. Strengthening our connection with our children/teens is so important to understanding one another and getting through these trying years as well as supporting their overall well-being and mental health. 

    Michael Klinkner, LCSW and Dr. Elizabeth Fedrick, PhD, LPC present on the four most common types of parenting styles and discuss the impact of each parenting style on your teen’s development.  Michael and Elizabeth discussed how each parenting style affects behavioral and emotional functioning, as well as your relationship with your teen. They provide a detailed understanding of the research-proven, most effective parenting style and why it works so well. They also discussed how to handle when parents have different styles and give ideas on how to get both parents on the same page.  You will walk away with multiple tools and tangible ideas on how to start implementing the best parenting style with your teen and your family.   

    Please view the accompanying PowerPoint.

    Teen Depression and Anxiety

    This virtual education session, presented by Garron Griffitts, LCSW, focuses on what parents need to understand about teen depression and anxiety, and some specific skills and tools they can practice to help their child through these feelings. Garron shares what he calls the “Adolescent Dilemma” and how it contributes to them experiencing depression and anxiety. He also reported what teens identify as their biggest stressors in life and what parents can do to minimize that stress.

    Please view the Accompanying PowerPoint.

     The Emotional World of Teens 

    This virtual education session, presented by Michael Klinkner, LCSW and Dr. Elizabeth Fedrick, LPC discuss the various aspects of the emotional world of teens. They explore the impact of brain development on a teen’s emotional functioning, as well as the influence of hormonal changes during this time. Michael and Elizabeth also discuss tangible ways that parents can effectively support a teen’s social-emotional health and well-being. They provide 6 essential take-aways that parents can start implementing immediately in order to support your teen’s emotional world. 

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