• Health Services
    The primary objective of the Health Services Department is to strengthen the educational process of children and youth by assisting them to maintain, improve, or adapt to their health status.
    The Chandler Unified School District's Health Services Department is dedicated to:
    • Assist in assuring the attainment of optimum health for each student.
    • Offer an appropriate program that will enable students to make intelligent decisions about personal, family, and community health issues and concerns.
    • Recommend appropriate modification of the general program to meet the special, physical, emotional, social, cultural, and intellectual needs of the students.


    All Chandler School District Elementary and Jr. High Health Offices are staffed by health office assistants who manage students with illnesses and accidents that occur at school.  


    In addition, we have a district health services coordinator who is a Registered Nurse that provides medical consultation, training and delegation for the health assistants and other unlicensed school staff. The RN's assist and consult during Individual Education Plans (IEP), Section 504 and other student meetings, develop health care plans for students with health needs, and communicate with parents and medical providers. 


    Each High School is staffed with a Registered Nurse and a health office assistant(s) Click here to Contact Your High School Health Office Staff


    Please contact us using the information below to speak to the health office assistant or the health services coordinator RN for your school.


    Director of Health Services

    Lyndsay Hartley MSN, RN

    Office: 480-812-7572

    Fax: 480-224-9466