• Greetings from the Office of Secondary Education...
    Our goal is to prepare your student for a promising and productive future that will extend far beyond our classrooms.   Research indicates that students who begin to discuss and prepare for college as early as junior high have greater levels of success in the academic arena.  We believe that access to rigorous academics and the creation of a college-going mentality are vital if our students are to perform and compete in the local, national and global job market.  Our highly-qualified certified staff is dedicated to shaping and creating life-long learners. 
    CUSD is proud to offer our students nearly endless academic and extra-curricular opportunities.  It has also been shown that students who participate in clubs and activities beyond the school day are more likely to develop strong study habits, build positive peer relations and have high self-esteem.  With academic offerings ranging from on-level courses to AP, Honors and Dual Credit, as well as extra-curricular clubs and athletic opportunities, we are confident your student will receive the best possible educational experience that will benefit him/her for years to come.  
    Mr. Ken James
    Executive Director of Junior High Schools
    Mr. Dan Serrano
    Executive Director of High Schools
    Use the interactive maps below to locate your boundary home school.
    Should you need further assistance locating your boundary home school, please contact the office of Secondary Education at 480-812-7038.