• Arizona LEARNS -- CUSD Receives an "A"
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    We are pleased to report that on August 4, the Arizona Department of Education announced Chandler Unified School District has earned an “A” grade for the fourth straight year. Chandler Unified is one of only nine districts to earn the grade all four years of the state’s Arizona LEARNS letter grade accountability program.
    We have always believed that the performance of our high schools is a capstone of our combined efforts beginning in elementary school and continuing to junior high and high school. So we are pleased to report that all five comprehensive high schools, Arizona College Prep - Erie, Basha, Chandler, Hamilton and Perry, have earned an “A” grade for the fourth straight year.
    Furthermore, CUSD has 11 of the top 100 highest ranked schools in the entire state. That is more than any other district in the state. The schools are: ACP-Erie, ACP-Oakland, Chandler High, CTA Goodman, CTA Independence, CTA Liberty, Fulton Elementary, Hamilton High, Perry High, Riggs Elementary and Santan Elementary. ACP-Oakland ranked as the No. 3 school in the state and No. 1 in the East Valley.

    Synopsis of letter grades:

    • CUSD earned an A.
    • A total of 36 schools earned an A or a B grade, compared to 35 a year ago.
    • CUSD has 11 schools among the top 100 schools in Arizona. CUSD is the only district to have multiple schools (4) in the top 20 when comparing all charter and non-charter schools. CUSD has 5 schools in the top 20 when examining non-charter schools.
    • ACP- Oakland is the No. 1 non-charter school (out of 1,345 non-charters ranked) in the state and the No. 3 school overall out of 1,741 ranked.
    • Hamilton remains the No. 1 rated comprehensive neighborhood high school in the State.
    To see the grades for all of our schools, please hover over the school name below.

    Chandler Unified School District has earned an 'A' grade Chandler Traditional Academy - Goodman Campus - Received an A Andersen Elementary - Received a B Knox Gifted Academy - Received an A Shumway Elementary - Received a B Arizona College Prep - Erie Campus - Received an A Hartford Sylvia Encinas Elementary - Received a C Galveston Elementary - Received a B Sanborn Elementary - Received a C Chandler Traditional Academy - Liberty Campus - Received an A Conley Elementary - Received a B San Marcos Elementary - Received a B Frye Elementary - Received a C Bologna - Elementary Received a B Chandler Traditional Academy -Humphrey Campus - Received a B Tarwater Elementary - Received an A Hancock Elementary - Received an A Jacobson Elementary - Received an A Basha Elementary - Received an A Haley Elementary - Received an A Weinberg Elementary - Received a B Chandler Traditional Academy - Independence Campus - Received an A Fulton Elementary - Received an A Santan Elementary - Received an A Ryan Elementary - Received an A Chandler Traditional Academy - Freedom Campus - Received an A Riggs Elementary - Received an A Hull Elementary - Received an A Navarrete Elementary - Received an A Patterson Elementary - Received an A Arizona College Prep - Oakland Campus - Received an A Chandler High - Received an A Andersen Junior High - Received a B Chandler Online Academy Bogle Junior High - Received an A Hamilton High - Received an A Willis Junior High - Received a C Santan Junior High - Received a B Perry High - Received an A Basha High - Received an A Payne Junior High - Received an A Carlson Elementary CTA and Classic- Received an A

    The Chandler Unified School District embraces accountability as a means to improve student performance and we strive to perform at levels greater than state and national standards. Our Governing Board has adopted a 10-year strategic plan called Journey 2020 to position CUSD as a premier district of choice.  At the heart of Journey 2020 are strategies centered around: 1) student achievement; 2) outstanding staff; 3) effective resource management; and 4) culture of success.  We invite you to click here to learn more about Journey 2020.
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