Equity Road Map


    To empower all students with the knowledge, skills and attitude necessary to excel in college, career and life.


    Chandler Unified School District is a safe and productive environment where students and adults are engaged in meaningful learning. Our diverse population is a strength, and a spirit of equity, collaboration and respect permeates our community.


    • Excellence
    • Integrity
    • Equity
    • Collaboration
    • Efficiency

    Providing equitable educational opportunities in a safe and inclusive learning environment


    • Institutional Design
      The core values of the school district articulate the vision of educational equity and appropriate policies and practices are advocated across the district.

    • Individual Contribution
      Employees and volunteers demonstrate the awareness, understanding, knowledge and skills to effectively interact with individuals from a wide variety of backgrounds and cultural experiences.

    • Instructional Practices
      The materials, strategies and activities are research- based and encompass a variety of backgrounds and life experiences in order to connect with a diverse student population.

Strategies, Action Steps and Pathways

  • Strategy: A. Create avenues for student input

  • Strategy: B. Engage stakeholders (parents, business, city, and residents) to educate and leverage resources to meet J2025 equity goals

  • Strategy: C. Establish an equity focus at the Governing Board and Superintendence Level

  • Strategy: D. Establish safe, inclusive learning environments

  • Strategy: E. Examine all district operations through an equity lens

  • Strategy: F. Identify and improve gaps in access for specific students and student groups

  • Strategy: G. Implement culturally responsive instructional practices

  • Strategy: H. Measure and improve student and employee climate perception

  • Strategy: I. Provide interventions to eliminate gaps

  • Strategy: J. Provide ongoing professional development to build cultural responsiveness

  • Strategy: K. Recruit and retain a diverse, culturally responsive workforce

  • Strategy: L. Train and utilize equity teams at the district and site level to promote and sustain an equity focus