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  • ASU Learning Futures: Laura McBain - Education Design for Creating Equitable Futures

    Dr. Ronald Beghetto and Laura McBain discuss the power of design thinking and prototyping, especially how students can benefit by becoming shapers of their own futures. McBain also sees teachers as designers of learning experiences who serve the needs of all students.
    APRIL 13TH, 2021 | 32:46 | S2:E3

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  • ASU Learning Futures: Dr. Adam Carberry - Creating an Engineering Identity

    Drs. Ronald Beghetto and Adam Carberry discuss how engineering is so much more than the technical math and science that students tend to associate with the field. Instead of thinking all students should be engineers, or that all students need to enjoy and be good at math and science, Beghetto and Carberry discuss the importance of all students having an understanding of what engineering is, recognizing difference, and embracing creativity within the field.
    APRIL 6TH, 2021 | 31:02 | S2:E2

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  • ASU Learning Futures: Dr. Megan Workmon Larsen - Sparking Joy in Education

    Drs. Ronald Beghetto and Megan Workmon Larsen chat about how education has become more about structure than sparking joy and creativity in students. Workmon Larsen shares how her background in opera and psychology brought her to the field of engineering robotics, and how her work has developed into helping students find their true purpose.
    MARCH 30TH, 2021 | 32:57 | S2:E1

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  • ASU Learning Futures Podcasts (FULL SERIES)

    What if education systems were doing more and thinking differently about preparing learners to thrive in the future? Join Professor Ronald A. Beghetto of Arizona State University's Mary Lou Fulton Teachers College for conversations on improving education and the future of learning. Each episode presents colleagues, researchers, education leaders and other guests who share how they're thinking about and addressing the most pressing challenges in education.

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  • Nice White Parents

    Let's have courageous conversations about schooling in the United States. The podcast focuses on the racial nuances of New York city public schools but the story can apply to cities across the US? What do you think? Listen and start a conversation.

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  • Cult of Pedagogy

    Teaching strategies, classroom management, education reform, educational technology - if it has something to do with teaching, we're talking about it.

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  • EdSurge Podcast: What Does Inclusive Teaching Look Like?

    How can teachers keep any racial or cultural bias they might have out of their classrooms, and make sure every student feels equally valued? To tackle that big question, we talked to Justin Reich, the host of a new podcast about teaching that comes out of MIT. The podcast is called TeachLab, about the art and craft of teaching, and its first season is devoted to becoming a more equitable teacher.

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  • 3Ps in a Pod, Season 5 Episode 14

    Unpacking Equity Work with Stephen Chang from The National Equity Project

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