2024-25 Elementary Open Enrollment Information

Elementary Open Enrollment FAQs

  • When is an Open Enrollment Application required?

  • What are the Priority Groups

  • When are documents needed?

  • What do I need to know prior?

  • Do I need to submit an Open Enrollment Application each year?

The Process

  • Completed Applications

  • Approved Applications

  • Denied Applications

  • Cancelling or Making Changes

School Review Dates 2024-25

  • 1st Quarter

  • 2nd Quarter

  • 3rd Quarter

  • 4th Quarter

  • Application Status

School Category Options 2024-25

  • When filling out the Open Enrollment Application, you will have the option of selecting one (1) school from:

    CATEGORY 1 | Classic curriculum, Dual Language curriculum and Traditional curriculum

    • Andersen (K-5th), Basha, Bologna, Conley, Chandler Online Academy-Elementary (K-6th), Elite Performance Academy (3rd-8th), Frye, Fulton, Galveston, Haley, Hancock, Hartford Sylvia Encinas, Hull, Jacobson, Navarrete, Riggs, Ryan, San Marcos, Sanborn, Santan (K-6th), Shumway Leadership Academy, Tarwater
    • Auxier (Classic & CTA), Carlson (Classic & CTA), Patterson (Classic & CTA), Rice (Classic & CTA)
    • CTA-Freedom, CTA-Goodman, CTA-Humphrey, CTA-Independence, CTA-Liberty
    • CTA-Freedom (DLI-Spanish K-1), CTA-Liberty (DLI-Spanish), Tarwater (DLI-Mandarin), Bologna (DLI-Spanish K-3rd)




    CATEGORY 2 | Gifted curriculum, includes; consultative services, satellite classrooms and full campus

    • Jacobson Elementary (3rd-6th Gifted), Ryan Elementary (3rd-6th Gifted)
    • Knox Gifted Academy, Weinberg Gifted Academy