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Guide to Solving Problems

  • Guide to Solving Problems and Getting Answers Fast 

    The Chandler Unified School District has established procedures to effectively and efficiently respond to questions and suggestions from parents and community members. This guide is meant to serve as a resource for parents and community members to identify the district staff that would have the most information to provide answers to questions and concerns. If you have any questions or concerns related to the school district or your child’s progress, please do not hesitate to call. The Chandler Unified School District is here to meet the needs of all students, staff, parents and community members. 

  • Kindergarten Through High School

  • Curriculum Questions (State standards, material being taught, textbooks and materials)

  • Technology Questions (Infinite Campus, ParentSquare, MyLunchMoney, Community Education – Activities, PreK, Childcare Payments)

  • Medical Questions and Concerns

  • Transportation (Bus stops, route problems, etc.)

  • Student Behavior (including bus behavior)

  • Exceptional Student Services (Special Education)/ Section 504

  • Gifted Education

  • Athletics

  • After-school Activities (i.e. school clubs)

  • Budget and Finance Questions

  • Facility Usage

  • Concern/Complaint Process

  • Phone Numbers