• Child Find Child Find
    Do you suspect a child you know may have a disability?
    Girl Does this child:
    • have trouble seeing people and objects? 
    • have difficulty hearing voices and other sounds? 
    • remain unusually quiet for long periods of time? 
    • have difficulty talking or pronouncing words properly? 
    • move about with difficulty when crawling, walking or running? learn slowly…and have difficulty understanding? 
    • have trouble playing with children or getting along with adults? 
    • have other special health problems? 
    If you answered "yes" to one or more of these questions, call your local school today. Learn about screenings and special services that are available for all qualified children from birth through age twenty-one.
    • If this child is younger than 3 years old, please call Arizona Early Intervention Program (AZEIP) at 1-888-439-5609 or (602)532-9960. 
    • If this child is 3 through 21 years of age, please call your local school. 
    • The district has a 45 day screening procedure for all students new to district (not previously screened) which reviews: hearing, vision, social/emotional/behavioral, psychomotor skills, academics, communication and adaptive skills. 
    • If you require additional assistance, please contact CUSD Student Services Office at 480-224-3732.