• School Security Officers

    In 1999, Chandler Unified School District (CUSD) established an Elementary School Safety Program.

    The goals of the program are first and foremost to ensure the safety of the students, parents and school staff at each campus, and protect the physical property located at each school.

    To this end, School Security Officers (SSOs) were hired to oversee the program. 

    While each SSO is assigned to a number of schools, collectively their responsibility is district wide. They respond whenever their service is requested to any location within the District. 

    Each of the SSOs brings to the position years of experience in dealing with people and security issues. To better allow them to serve the schools, each receives ongoing training. SSOs are certified in CPR and have been trained in appropriate behavior management and restraint techniques. They wear CUSD issued school security attire with the words "School Security" screened on the back, drive CUSD issued or identified cars and carry cell phones for communication.

    Description of School Security Officer Duties

School Safety Officers School Security Officers
Daniel Eaker

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