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    Ms Bethany Celmins, MEd (*2)          
    Ms Susana Ceballos Castaneda
    480-883-5701 and 480-883-5721
    M-Th 8:15 - 4:15 & F 8:15 - 4:00 

    Fellowship of the Readers (formerly the Millionaires' Club)
    When students take Accelerated Reader quizzes on the books they have read, the total number of words a student has read is recorded in a database. Firebirds who have reached the one million words level (Millionaire status) become VIP members of the library. The Fellowship meets weekly for a variety of purposes, but attending meetings is not necessary.  General meetings, which take place once a month,  are to to participate in team-building activities, make new friends, and plan activities that would be fun for anyone.  It is a club open to all...the only requirement is attending Willis Junior High School.

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