•  WJHS Parent Teacher Organization

    The goal of the Willis Parent Teacher Organization is to serve as advocates for our students, our families, and our school community. The primary focus of this group will be to enhance the educational and social opportunities available for students so they are engaged and have fun. We want our kids to be successful and enjoy their school experience. To ensure that this happens, we need our families to partner with our school.

    All Willis family members are encouraged to take part in our PTO in ways that work best for you, your family, and your schedule. We frequently need volunteers for events and activities, support on-campus or in our office, and people willing to assist in our Community Resource Room and in classrooms. In addition, we need family members willing to be community advocates for our students. The Willis PTO will meet monthly. However, you may be a PTO participant without attending all meetings.



    If you are interested in being a member of the Willis PTO:

    • Mark your calendar and plan to attend our first meeting

    • Complete this brief Google Survey to express your interest and provide your contact information (you may also indicate if you would be interested in a position as an officer)

    Thank you for your support!