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Position: 7th and 8th grade Science
Room: H4
Phone: 480.883.5700
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Hello and welcome to Mr. Prichard's website.

My Education and Professional Background

I received my bachelor's degree in 1999 from Arizona State University majoring in Anthropology. I immediately entered Teaching Education for Arizona Science and Mathematics (TEAMS) at ASU during the summer of 1999. I graduated with my Master's in Curriculum and Instruction and my teaching certificate summer of 2000. I student taught at Willis and loved the staff and students so much that I decided to stay. I began my teaching career here at Willis in the fall of 2000. This is my 16th year. I have taught both 7th and 8th grade Science, ELL, special education, and gifted. This is my 9th year teaching science for the Willis Gifted Academy.

My Educational Philosophy

Science is amazing! I hope that throughout the course of this year you will feel the same. My main goal is to get you to think critically, scientifically, and creatively in order to solve problems and answer questions about the world around you. This means you have to think! There is only one wrong answer you can give on homework or during class discussion, that is I DON'T KNOW! I promise that if you try and do your best you will always succeed. Science has always been a subject that excites and intrigues me. From the outer reaches of the cosmos, to the microcosm of the cell or the atom, the grace with which a bird can propel itself through air, the apparent balance found within and among living things, the miracles of modern technology and medicine - The natural world is full of beauty, patterns, and mystery waiting to be discovered.

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