Ms. Smith

Phone: (480)883-5748


Degrees and Certifications:

Ms. Smith received her Bachelor's Degree in k-12 Education from Arizona State and her Master's in Administration from University of Phoenix. She is highly qualified in Middle grades language arts and Middle grades mathematics. Follow Ms. Smith on Twitter: MsSmithwjhs

Ms. Smith

Ms. Smith teaches 7th and 8th graders preparing them for college and career readiness in multiple ways. She is absolutely excited to teach the AVID® elective this school year. The sky is the limit! This will be her nineteenth year teaching at Willis. Junior high is truly the most remarkable age for change. Parents, students, and teachers each have a role in helping these young minds become respectable citizens and responsible adults.

 Educators should continue their education for as long as they teach to remain current with ideologies and trends. Ms. Smith incorporates technology and many programs she has been trained in, into her teaching, such as AVID®. Her teaching style also incorporates all modalities of learning and her goal is to allow all students opportunities for success.
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