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    I would like to extend a sincere welcome and thank you for taking an interest in the Willis Junior High School athletic program. 

    The goal of the Willis Junior High School athletic program is to provide a positive experience for our student athletes through the teaching of sports skills, leadership and the principles of sportsmanship.  Junior high sports can be incredibly valuable for the overall development of students. These activities offer opportunities for students to learn the values of teamwork, responsibility, time management, physical strength, and endurance, while reinforcing classroom lessons. Participation in extracurricular activities can also increase student engagement and success in school, as evidenced by better attendance and academic achievement. Athletic activities cultivate leadership opportunities, enhance teamwork experience, develop time management skills, and foster diversity. In addition, extracurricular activities encourage empathy, build commitment and accountability in students, and provide opportunities to make new friends and expand their horizons beyond school. 

    Students at Willis may select from a number of sports that take place throughout the school year. Please note that participation in the majority of these teams is limited and athletes are selected through evaluation during a try-out period.

    Season 1

    July 26 - Sept 25

    Co-Ed Wrestling *


    Girl's Volleyball

    Season 2

    Oct 16 - Dec 18

    Co-Ed Cross Country *


    Boy's Basketball

    Season 3

    Jan 8 - March 4

    Coed Flag Football

    Girl's Basketball

    Boys Soccer

    Season 4

    Mar 25 - May 15

    Co-Ed Track and Field *

    Girl's Soccer

    Boy's Volleyball

    * indicates sports with unlimited participation numbers - no cuts.
    Athletes in our program are expected to demonstrate positive leadership and integrity, on and off the field. It is important that student athletes understand their responsibilities as representatives of Willis Junior High School and that they assume a positive leadership role on our campus—modeling respect and appropriate behavior for other students.
    As an athletic department, we want to work with student athletes to improve their skill level, enhance their self-confidence and instill the principles of the Six Pillars of Character—trustworthiness, respect, responsibility, fairness, caring and citizenship. In order to have the best possible experience at Willis, we encourage all students to pursue an interest and involve themselves in available school activities. Participation in sports is a great way to be connected, build school spirit and make new friends. If I can be of assistance, please do not hesitate to contact me.
    Brett Epstein Assistant Principal/Athletic Director
Last Modified on June 20, 2023