• 7th Grade Registration Overview

    We are always excited to welcome new students and their families to our school. At Willis, we pride ourselves on being a “community” school where we foster connections and relationships in order to ensure students are empowered to experience positive academic results. We view our diversity as a strength and understand that each of our students contribute unique strengths and experiences to our school culture. 

    This page will serve as a guide for you to navigate the registration process for your incoming 7th grade student. While we hope this will answer many of your questions, please do not hesitate to contact our office for additional assistance. 

    We look forward to having you join our Firebird Family!

    The Registration Process

    Initial Visits to Feeder Elementary Schools

    Our registration process begins with a visit to each of our feeder elementary schools to meet with students to provide an overview of life at Willis, discuss courses and electives, and talk about the registration process. During this time, students will be provided with a Junior High Course Catalog and Willis Course Selection Form. We will discuss the following presentation with your sixth grade students.

    This year, we will be visiting your student’s elementary school in person.  We will follow this schedule:

    • Friday, January 14 @ CTA Humphrey
    • Tuesday, Jan. 19 @ Sanborn & Shumway
    • Wednesday, Jan. 20 @ Bologna & CTA Liberty
    • Thursday, Jan. 21 -@ Knox Gifted Academy & Hartford
    • Monday, Jan. 24 @ Frye & Galveston

    Registration Presentation for 6th Grade Students

    Willis Registration Presentation PDF

    Follow-Up Visits to Feeder Elementary Schools

    Beginning on Wednesday, February 3, our counselors will begin follow-up visits to the elementary schools to collect completed course selection forms and assist students in need of additional support. We will follow this schedule for collection:

    • Friday, Jan. 28 @ CTA Humphrey
    • Monday, Jan. 31 @ Sanborn & Shumway
    • Tuesday, Feb 1 @ Hartford & CTA Liberty
    • Wednesday, Feb 2 @ Bologna & Knox Gifted Academy
    • Thursday, Feb. 3 @ Frye & Galveston

    We hope this provides you with a better understanding of how the registration process will work. Again, please do not hesitate to contact our office if you have questions, or need assistance.

    Important Links and Documents

    CUSD Junior High Course Catalog

     Willis 7th Grade Course Selection Form 2022-23

    Willis 7th Grade Course Selection Form 2022-23 (en espanol)

     Willis Elective Course Descriptions

    Willis Elective Course Descriptions (en espanol)

    2021-22 CUSD Open Enrollment Form