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Position: 8 Science
Room: Lab 8
Phone: (480) 424-8188
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This year I will be teaching Science 8. We will be studying Earth Science & Natural Disasters, Chemistry, Ecology, and Advances in Science Technology. All instruction is aligned with the Arizona State Standards for Science. Students will work through science projects and assignments that are designed to maximize their critical thinking skills. It's going to be a GREAT year!

My Education and Professional Background

B.S. with Honors, Eastern Michigan University, M.Ed. Elementary Curriculum Design, Northern Arizona University, 2000, M.Ed. Special Education, Northern Arizona University, 2001, M.Ed. Bilingual Education, Northern Arizona University, 2002. Teaching experience includes 1,2,3,6,7,8th grades. Science, Math, and Social Studies. Montessori and public schools in Michigan, Tennessee, and Arizona.

My Educational Philosophy

Students learn best when they have decision making power in their education and will rise to meet the level of expectations set for them. While the basic facts of science lay an important groundwork for future knowledge, it is also important to be able to organize, expand upon, and use those facts as pieces in the larger puzzle of life, and across every curricular area. When students are encouraged to explore ideas and express what they have learned in a method of their choosing, higher levels of critical thinking and deeper levels of understanding occur resulting in a better quality product demonstrating student mastery. As a lifelong learner, weaving all learning together into a beautiful tapestry of knowledge is the ultimate goal I want to communicate to my students.

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