• Welcome to Willis Junior High School 

    Home of the Firebirds

    Our staff members are excited to welcome all of our new and returning students and families for the 2021-22 school year. We recognize that the past year and a half have presented many challenges, so we are anxious (and hopeful) for an uninterrupted school year that is filled with learning and opportunity. This page will serve as a "one-stop" repository of information and documents you may find helpful as you navigate the beginning of the school year. As you review this information, please keep in mind that we are here to help so do not hesitate to contact us if you need additional information or assistance.

    Summer Newsletter

    To get started, please take a few minutes to read through our summer newsletter. This provides a brief overview of our school, expectations, and information needed to get the 2021-22 school year off to a positive start.

    2021-22 Summer Newsletter

    2021-22 Summer Newsletter (Spanish)

    Keep in Mind

    Core Values

    The Willis Core Values are the central tenets of everything we do at Willis. These three principles help each of us make daily decisions that benefit individual social, emotional, and learning goals and promote the overall good of our school community. We ask that all of our students, staff, and family members familiarize themselves with the three core values and do their best to meet these expectations in their daily words and actions. Below you will find a printable copy of our core values as well as a matrix that provides examples our core values "in action."

    Willis Core Values

    Core Values Matrix

     On-Campus Expectations

    As previously mentioned, our expectations are based on the Willis Core Values. As we enter the new school year, we are focused on three areas to support our learning and limit distractions. (1) While we recognize the role that personal technology plays in the lives of our students, we also know that cell phones and personal electronic devices can be a distraction. Students are permitted to use their cell phones, headphones, etc. before and after school, at lunch, and during passing periods. However, when students enter the classrooms, phones (and earbuds) must be in silent mode and placed in a backpack. Students may not have their phone out, or in a pocket. (2) Arriving at class on time must be a student priority. Being on time limits disruptions and ensures that students do not miss out on instruction. All students have a five-minute passing period between periods to move from classroom to classroom, get a drink and use the restroom. It is expected that they are in the class, ready to learn when the final bell rings. (3) Students should be familiar with our school and district dress code policies and make plans to meet those expectations each day. While we understand that fashion trends are continually changing, we ask our students to recognize that not all clothing is appropriate for the classroom. 

    We hope that all of you are excited about the upcoming school year. As a staff, we are anxious to get to know each of our students and help them grow academically, socially, and emotionally. While the information on this page will help you prepare, we have also put together a step-by-step guide for our students and families to use to prepare for the beginning of the school year. You may review that information HERE.