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  • My job in the classroom is threefold. First, I am a CURATOR. History is abundant and I certainly don't know everything nor do I expect my students to know every detail. Instead, I search and present the artifacts and details that bring to life the daily objective in the most focused way. Second, I am the COACH of the classroom. Every student is an individual but we are in class together; as the coach, my job is to take the strengths and talents of the individual and build them so that together we are strong. Finally, I am each students' biggest CHEERLEADER. What we do is important, and it can be hard. We all need to be reminded that we are doing it, and we need acknowledgement when we do it well.

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Position: Social Studies / 7th Grade
Room: E4
Phone: (480) 883-5758
Email: Howell

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Welcome Firebirds! I am excited to start this year with you: I'm certain it will be an amazing adventure together!

My Education and Professional Background

I consider myself a life long learner. I graduated from Arizona State University (Go Sun Devils!) with my Bachelor's Degree in Secondary Education (History) with an additional endorsement in structured English immersion.

My Educational Philosophy

An average day in a Social Studies classroom goes far beyond learning historical facts; my goal is to encourage all students to think critically, collaborate inclusively, and develop the necessary skills to become a positive contributor to the world.

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