• Restart SMART at Willis


    Restart SMART has partnered with Willis Junior High School to offer various student, family, and community support on site. Restart SMART at Willis will be staffed by a Site Director, Student Support Specialist, and Family Support Specialist to serve the community. Years of research has shown that having a Community School in your neighborhood is extremely beneficial to overall wellness, safety, access to resources, and strengthening the student-to-workforce pipeline.


    Our Mission:

    Knowing that each person is the expert of their own life, Restart SMART empowers students, families, schools, and communities to develop their unique goals. Our mission is to empower one person at a time to reach, transform, and elevate their community through love and character building.


    How We Support:

    • Build relationships between schools, local businesses, families, and organizations so that we understand the community’s needs and capacity to support

    • Offer a safe, central location for whole-community resources such as, but not limited to, food distribution, clothing and hygiene assistance, adult learning, collaboration spaces, and healthcare

    • Pave a mentorship pathway for students who will enter the workforce in a few years and young families who are looking to grow their skills

    • Establish the community as a desirable place to live and take action to retain community gifts, talents, and support systems


    We look forward to sharing more about Restart SMART and introducing our staff at Willis in the coming weeks.

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