Willis STEAM Academy for

    Gifted and Talented 




    If you missed the parent/student meeting for the STEAM Academy - here is the Willis STEAM presentation from that evening.  


    For those interested in attending the Willis STEAM Academy for Gifted and Talented for the 2022-2023 school year, please look through our website and specifically look at the STEAM Academy Handbook for information about our program.  


    Please fill out our programs interest form - STEAM Academy Interest Form

    Have record of CoGAT score or arrange to take the test - CUSD Gifted Testing Site

      • Willis Gifted 
        • offered to all students who score at or above the 97th percentile on a verbal, quantitative, and/or nonverbal battery, or a composite score at or above the 95th percentile of a test included on the Arizona State-Approved Gifted Test List.
      • Willis TALENTED -
        • Students must be IN boundary of Willis and express interest. 
        • Students have a 87% percentile or higher on a verbal, quantitative, and or nonverbal battery.  
        • TOPS student
        • Approval by District Gifted Specialist  
    • January - Be in boundary or fill out open enrollment  

      ***Students in boundary will receive priority over OPEN Enrollment students 

    • January - Fill out Willis Registration for GIFTED and elective selection.  (Counselors will come to elementary schools for registration.  If you are not in a CUSD school, you will need to come to the office to register. ) If not in Willis boundary, an open enrollment request- CUSD Open Enrollment site  must be filled out first before registration.  


    1. Fill out Willis STEAM interest form

    2. Take CoGAT test if NOT in a gifted program already. 

    3. ATTEND Willis Showcase for information meeting and tours

    4. OPEN ENROLLMENT if needed

    5. Willis registration/ STEAM registration through CUSD elementary schools- Willis 6th grade Orienation Jan. 25 at 6 pm in Willis Gym.  

    6. MAY - STEAM math assessment test for planning will be scheduled through the Willis Interest form. 


    Willis STEAM Academy AZM2 2020-2021 Proficient and Above

    STEAM AZM2 scores



    Supply list imageSTEAM Academy supply list click here


    Welcome Video from your teachers!











       The Willis STEAM Academy for Gifted and Talented Students is a challenging, accelerated, cross-curricular opportunity for students in the Chandler Unified School District.  Our program is a continuation of the CATS (Chandler Academically Talented Students) program. Students learn the foundations of problem solving and critical thinking, while enjoying extensive content rich activities that will prepare them for the Honors/AP/IB programs of CUSD high schools and beyond.  Students advance through rigorous math curriculum in the two years they are at Willis and can enter high school ready to take Honors Algebra II.  A science modeling curriculum engages students with dynamic inquiry-based experiences where they gain an understanding of science that is integrated, deep, and complex.  In Social Studies, students are exposed to extended opportunities for critical thinking as topics are covered more in-depth and primary sources are used for multiple perspectives.  Students synthesize causes and effects of events of history to current events of today.

         Willis STEAM Academy teachers leverage technology effectively in order to engage students and provide robust inquiry opportunities.  

         Three core values drive daily social and classroom interactions, and a school-wide executive functions curriculum helps to ensure students are prepared socially, emotionally, and academically.