Accounts Payable Overview

  • Accounts Payable Responsibilities and General Information:

    • Processes invoices for payment of goods and services received (district funds only).
    • Office Hours: Monday-Friday 7:30am-4:30pm.

    Check Processing:

    • Accounts Payble check runs are scheduled for Thursday each week. All signed invoices due for payment must be received by Accounts Payable at the district office by noon each Tuesday to have checks processed on Thursday of that same week.
    • Invoices not received by that time may be paid the following week.

    Encumbrance Period:

    • All products/services must be received from the vendor at the warehouse or school site no later than June 30th to be paid from the current year's school budgeted funds.  All invoices for the 2021-22 school year must be received by Accounts Payable no later than mid-August of 2022. All items received after June 30th will be paid for from next year's school budget.

    Invoice Processing:

    • An invoice for goods/services delivered directly to a site must be stamped and signed off by the appropriate authorized person overseeing the funds being used.  
    • Physical items delivered/received to the district warehouse will not require the invoice to be stamped and signed off.  The invoice will need to be sent to Accounts Payable in order to be processed and paid.  
    • Invoices are not always mailed/emailed to Accounts Payable from the Vendor.  If you have received an invoice, please send it immediately to Accounts Payable to make sure it is processed and paid within 30 days of receiving the items/service.

    Reminder: Only invoices should be signed and sent to Accounts Payable for payment.  Do not sign and send in statements, order confirmations, PO's or quotations asking them to be paid.