Elementary Track Meet - April 2023

  • The night began with a Fulton Elementary sprinter winning the girls 100-meter sprint and concluded with a team from Galveston Elementary capturing the co-ed division 4 by 400 relay. In between, fans cheered on athletes, including those competing in various races and field events such as the javelin and standing long jump, and heats for adaptive students at the annual CUSD annual elementary schools track meet held Monday night before a jubilant crowd at Perry High School.

    In the end, Santan won the boys team title and Riggs captured the girls championship in what proved to be a night of pageantry, good sportsmanship and display of school pride from all teams. There were plenty of cheers from parents and teammates such as “You got this! … Keep up the great performance! … Let’s go, Sanborn!” It also was a wonderful showcase of the CUSD physical education programs and staff who trained their student-athletes for this annual event.

    Superintendent Frank Narducci praised many people who were involved in making the event so successful and reflected on the spirit of camaraderie so prevalent among the participants, cheering on not only their teammates but students from other schools.