• Kindergarten Skills
    Prepare for Kindergarten!

    Students are given a lot of independence in Kindergarten. Below is a list of activities and experiences your child will benefit from being exposed to before the first day of school and the weeks following. These things will help make their transition to Kindergarten much easier.
    Use scissors
    Hold a pencil correctly
    Use glue (dot dot not a lot)
    Recognize name
    Write name (beginning with a capital letter)
    Get in and out of car on their own
    Zip, button, tie, buckle
    Use the restroom on their own
    Open snack packages (granola bar, fruit snacks, etc)
    Recognize letters of the alphabet
    Know letter sounds
    Recognize numbers 0-10
    Count things (Answer the question: How many?)
    Pack and unpack their backpack
    Read, read, read!You can never read enough stories to your children. Ask them questions about the pictures or the characters in the books. What was their favorite part? Who is their favorite character? Does the story remind them of anything else?

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